What is STEAM?


Originally there was a push in education called STEM to place a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. This was the result of a growing number of jobs in these fields and not enough qualified people to fill these positions. According to the STEM Education Coalition, their central mission “is to inform federal and state policymakers on the critical role that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education plays in U.S. competitiveness and future economic prosperity.” Over time, the STEM movement recognized the fact that art and design are equally valuable to the nation’s economy and culture and included Arts, changing the acronym to STEAM.

STEAM @ Your Library

On the second Saturday of every month, upper elementary children gather together to explore one or more of the elements of STEAM. The first time we had Second Saturday STEAM, the children tested their engineering skills using cut-up pool noodles, shaving cream, and toothpicks. In October, we conducted science experiments using candy. Second Saturday STEAM in the Children’s Library is a time for children to really explore. We provide them with materials to get hands-on experiences in one or more of the components of STEAM. Our goal is to let them experience STEAM in a fun and thought-provoking way. Our hope is to spark a desire to continue to explore STEAM on their own.

Upcoming STEAM Sessions:

November 14, 2 pm- Delve into different aspects of STEAM using food.

December 12, 2 pm- Explore STEAM with candy canes.

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