TumbleBook Library


Attention homeschoolers! Parents with reluctant readers! Parents with readers who are gobbling up books! Parents with kids who complain about being bored! Parents who want something to entertain (and educate) their kids in the car! Welcome to TumbleBook Library! Check out these features:

  • The Storybook feature has animated, talking picture books that are sorted by category (award winning, subjects, and authors), and you can also do a title, author, or reading level search.
  • The Read-Along and EBook features are tailored for older readers, containing books ranging from early readers to full chapter books. Read-Along books can be played with narration or without as your child reads along.
  • The Graphic Novel feature contains a variety of exciting titles.
  • The Non-Fiction feature contains EBooks, including Read-Along books for younger children and graphic novels. There is something for every age, spanning geography, science, and more.
  • The Video feature has an assortment of National Geographic videos, many of which can be paired with books already on TumbleBook to enhance your child’s learning experience.
  • The Math Stories feature consists of an array of books on various math topics, including titles in the beloved Sir Circumference series.
  • The Language Learning feature has a variety of books read in both Spanish and French.
  • The Playlist feature has ready-made playlists and also allows you to customize your own list of books.
  • The Puzzles & Games feature has games that can be played alone or as companions to various storybooks and Read-Alongs.

TumbleBook Library can be accessed through Online Resources on our website. When at home, all you will have to do after clicking TumbleBook Library is enter your library card number.

TumbleBook Library also has a MyCloud feature that allows you to create and customize playlists that you can access from any computer in the world.

Have fun exploring the 1,000+ titles! If you have any questions, feel free ask us, we’re always happy to help.

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