The Skeleton Tree

Imagine being shipwrecked with someone you hardly know. That’s what happened to Chris and Frank when they embark on a trip with Chris’s eccentric Uncle Jack. Chris’s mother was reluctant to let Chris go out with his “daredevil” uncle, but felt it may do Chris some good to spend time with his uncle since Chris’s father had just recently passed away.

The boys finds themselves stranded in the Alaskan wilderness with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Frank is just a few years older than Chris, and he uses this age difference to his advantage. When they stumble on an abandoned cabin, Chris has to sleep on the floor while Frank gets to sleep in the only bed. The two boys have to scavenge for food and make the best of the shelter that they can, with hopes of being rescued before winter sets in.

While they are struggling to survive, mysteries from their past are uncovered. The once enemies must learn how to work together in order to come out of this experience alive. If you are a fan Gary Paulsen books you will enjoy this thrilling and heart warming story. It is a book you won’t want to put down.

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