The Only One Left

The Only One Left is a fun read! There are lots of mysteries involved, and some fun twists, too!   Kit is a caregiver, and after being involved in a sticky situation, is assigned to work for Ms. Lenora Hope. In 1929, Ms. Hope was accused of murdering her family.  She was never proven guilty, but she’s become a local legend.  Kit isn’t sure that she wants the job, but not many choices are available for her.  Kit decides to take the job.

Ms. Hope is now elderly, mute, and confined to a wheelchair after a series of strokes. Soon Kit realizes she can try to communicate with Ms. Hope by helping her use a typewriter.    As Ms. Hope gets closer to Kit, her story starts to unfold, and things are revealed in a surprising way! Give this book a chance if you love thrillers!

Review by Holly

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