The Forgotten Girl

Do you know what is feels like to be forgotten? Iris Rose age 10 and her best friend Daniel are neighbors in a small South Carolina town. When they discover a forgotten grave in a clearing near their homes, Iris feels the need to find out more about the girl in the grave. She is able to do that when her teacher assigns a project to learn more about their community. Iris jumps at the opportunity to explore this area of town more. She is excited to learn about how the grave became abandoned in a neglected and forgotten cemetery.

Avery is the name of the ghost from the grave they found. She is all Iris can think about and even haunts Iris in her nightmares when she sleeps. Learning more about the forgotten grave brings more conflict to Iris when Avery becomes more demanding. There is a struggle with the ghost, who wants Iris as her forever friend…as a ghost.

Forgotten Girl is the first novel written by India Hill Brown and will delight upper elementary school readers. It may also send chills up their spines!

-Review by Robin In Children’s

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