Storytime Kits!

Since we are unable to do storytimes in person, we have packed up storytimes for you and your family to do at home! Each themed kit includes 3-4 books (with read along prompts), fingerplay, a snack idea and a craft. All you need to supply will be a cozy place to read together, minimal craft supplies (something to color with and glue would be the most you would ever need), and the potential snack ingredients.

We have a kit for almost every letter of the alphabet: Apples, Bears, Carle/Caterpillars, Dinosaurs, Elephants, Flamingos, Garden, Helpers (Community), Igloos (the kit that’s pictured), Jungle, Kites, Llamas, Monsters, Narwhals, Olaf (and other snowmen), Pirates, Queens & Kings, Rockets, Snakes, Turtles, Unicorns, Valentines, Walruses, and X,Y,Z! The Igloos, Olaf, Narwhals and Walrus themed kits would be great to read during the Alaska Winter Reading program!

Someday we will be able to have storytime together, but until then these kits will have to do. You can also access archived storytimes on our YouTube channel here.

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