Stan Lee: a Life by Bob Batchelor


Most have heard of Stan Lee or one of his many works in Marvel, but how many actually know the story of how Stan Lee came to co-create the heroes that we all know and love today? How many know the way he introduced everyone to the world of superheroes?

Written by the award winning cultural historian, Bob Batchelor comes a biography celebrating the 100th birthday of the legendary Stan Lee. Batchelor goes in depth as he writes about the man who co-created famous superheroes such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, and many more. It details Stan’s life as he lived through the Great Depression, and mentions all of Stan’s accomplishments throughout the 20th Century. 

Batchelor not only goes into the life of Stan Lee, but the life of Marvel itself. Throughout the book, we see how the two coincide, how Marvel could not have existed without Stan Lee. In return we see how Marvel influenced Stan’s life. In the book, Batchelor fleshes out the context and setting of Stan Lee’s life from when he was just an editor to when he became one of the biggest creative minds in all of Marvel. 

This title is available through the Evergreen Indiana Consortium.

Review by Remy

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