In this small town, a witch lives in the woods. People say she eats any wandering or lost pets that cross her path. Don’t go into the woods, or she’ll curse you! …Actually, the only thing she’ll curse you with is friendship, accepting others, and the urge to wear bright green crocs. That last part might have been my own take from this character, but still!

Kat Leyh’s “Snapdragon is a well illustrated graphic novel that deals with topics of being the ‘weird kid’ in school, making new friends you didn’t think you’d have, and learning what magic is all about. In this story, we follow a young girl named Snapdragon—Snap for short—as she finds her missing dog, helps raise opossums, make new friends, learn new things, and gets to know this infamous witch that lives in the woods.

This graphic novel has a lot to offer young readers as they learn the importance of believing in themselves and find their way transitioning from elementary school to middle and high school.

Review by staff member Jordan H.

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