Reluctant Readers

Children need to read in order to become successful individuals. Having a child that does not like to read can be frustrating for a caregiver, but there are ways to change a child’s mind about reading. One of the keys to creating a lifelong reader is to help the child find something he or she likes to read. Children are frequently asked to read specific books for school, but these books may or may not interest the child. If children are given the opportunity to find something that they enjoy reading, they will be more likely to continue reading. Click here to for tips on helping a reluctant reader

Last week I had the opportunity to hear James Patterson speak at a conference. Most people are aware that James Patterson writes many books for adults, but also writes a number of children’s books. He said the main reason why he writes so many books for children is so they can find a book that they like. He kept saying he writes the way he does so that once a child finishes one of his books, the child will ask for another. Mr. Patterson reminded us that by reading children become more diverse, they learn more about others, and they learn more about themselves. He also said that better readers become better people. Of course he would like a child to pick up one of his books and read it, but ultimately he just wants children learn to read for enjoyment…even if they don’t read one of his books. Here are just a few of his books and book series that are on the shelf at the library: House of Robots, I Funny, Jacky Ha Ha, Public School Superhero, Treasure Hunters, and Word of Mouse.

If you are struggling with a reluctant reader, our Children’s Library staff will be happy to help your child find a book that will open the door to the adventure of reading.

-Lynn T., Children’s Library Manager


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