Family R.E.C Time

Weekly routines are important for preschool-aged families, which is why we developed Family R.E.C. Time. Whenever there is a break in our storytime cycle, it’s time for R.E.C., which stands for Reading-Eating-Creating. This self-guided storytime is available in the Children’s Library story room from 10 am to noon on designated days.

Our team provides a specific theme and selects books and activities related to the theme. Past themes have included dogs, forts, the beach, and Dr. Seuss. We will have a light snack for your child along with craft supplies and instructions so that you and your child can create something related to the theme.

Kids love the opportunity to read with caregivers and even play make-believe as a storyteller. One mother pointed out that she loves the crafts offered, knowing that her kids are free to let their creative juices flow without worrying about making a mess.

Check out the Events link to find out the date for the next R.E.C. time.

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