Planetarium Show–Legends of the Starry Realms

07/20/24 @ 2:00pm –
07/20/24 @ 2:45pm


Main Branch

Registration is required.
Registration starts: 12/31/1969 @ 7:00pm

Registration end: 07/20/2024 @ 2:00pm

Close out Summer Reading with a showing of Legends of the Starry Realms: “Ride through the clouds to the rescue of the beautiful Princess Andromeda. Stalk the evil Minotaur in the bewildering twists and turns of King Minos’ terrifying Labyrinth. Travel with Orpheus and his magical harp through the heat and sulfurous fumes of Hades in search of his beloved Euridice. Sail in an ancient ship beneath a sky filled with Legends that have transcended time” ( plot description). This is a 32 minute show! Registration required! 

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