Exciting changes coming to Overdrive in early 2020!

Do you hate when the book you’ve been waiting for becomes available when you’re not ready for it? Problem solved! You can now suspend your holds when you are next in line and keep your place in line so that you can read when you are ready.

OverDrive will be introducing HOLDS REDELIVERY in early January 2020. Patrons have always been able to place a hold on a title when it’s not currently available to borrow. But now, when a hold becomes available, instead of automatically checking out the title, you will receive a notification that will allow you to either go into the app and borrow the title within 3 days, or suspend the hold for a set time period. Once that time period is over, you’ll be next on the list. If no action is taken, the hold will automatically be suspended for 7 days as a one-time courtesy on that hold.

Holds suspension and redelivery will allow users to borrow a book when you’re ready, not a week or more before you are ready to start reading. You can finish the current book you’re reading without the pressure of the next book being there too soon. As an added bonus wait times will improve because the holds queue will move more efficiently.

Watch this video to learn more.



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