Master of You: a five-point system to synchronize your body, your home, and your time with your ambition

As the days go by and everyone is stuck inside, it’s nice to have a moment of self-reflection and concentrate on yourself.

Master of You begins with asking the reader what their ambitions are, and working on ways the reader can achieve these ambitions. Stillman has the reader dive into their subconscious in order to figure out what is holding them back. As the book goes on, she talks about using a person’s inner elements to relax and concentrate on finding ways to achieve the reader’s goal. Self-reflection is key for this section.

Stillman next goes into what each of the body’s inner elements are. She begins with Space, where the reader is supposed to refine the environments at their home and workplace. The second element is Earth, which is the structure and stability of one’s life in their current state. The third element is Fire, which represents ambition, and what the reader would like to achieve in the future. Stillman then goes onto Water which is integrity, and Air which represents time.

When all five elements have been mastered, that is when Stillman says the reader should start using them in a seasonal rhythm while always looking to grow personally. The reader should also ask themselves which element they need to personally work on as this transitions into the seasonal rhythm. A person should only do as much as they can, and not try to overexert themselves when working on their five elements.

I felt that this was a good read, and it allowed me to focus on myself rather than everything that is going on. A nice distraction was helpful during this time. It was relaxing to follow these steps, and find a way to better myself while waiting for everything to blow over.

Review by Remington S., Reference Assistant

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