Potions Are For Pushovers

Selling mystical elixirs and tantalizing tonics is a pretty good way for a fake medium to earn a living–until a villager turns up dead. The cause? Murder by poisoning. Suddenly Ellie’s the prime suspect. Her only recourse is to find the culprit who did do away with Sarah Blackthorne. No one liked the mean old battle-axe. But did anyone hate her enough to kill her?

It’s enough of a mystery to tempt Ellie to take millionaire beau Nicholas Hartford up on his offer to keep her afloat. Except Ellie is not the kind of woman to lean on a man. Besides, she’s taken on two young witches-in-training who are convinced a werewolf is the murderer. Just as Ellie’s wondering if there really is something otherworldly going on, animals begin to disappear–including her beloved cat, Beast. Now Ellie’s on the warpath to uncover the wicked truth about the people and the place she’s only just begun to call home…

This is book 2 in the Eleanor Wilde Mystery Series. I’ve never read these types of stories before, but they are an easy and fun book series to snuggle up with.  Ellie is a fake medium-for-hire. She has found a niche in a little village in England and has taken up residence there. There are lots of mysterious things going on around Ellie, however.  When odd occurrences begin happening, Ellie and her apprentice decide to investigate. This book has a lot of mystery, humor, and maybe even a werewolf!  If you are looking for something cute and exciting, give this series a try. 

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