History Smashers: Titanic

History Smashers book series does just what it says. It “smashes” rumors around events in history. One of the rumors about the Titanic is that the Titanic never really sank! This is one of the rumors that is found to be true, partly true, or “smash-worthy”. History Smashers: Titanic gives a brief history of the building of the Titanic, a description of the ship, the way the voyage began, the unfortunate disaster, responses to the sinking, changes that came about for ships because of the disaster, and the search for the wreckage. The information in this book is delivered in a variety of ways: regular text, cartoon illustrations, pictographs, graphic novel excerpts, photographs, timelines, and answers to rumors around the sinking of the Titanic.

This series also includes books on the following events: the Mayflower, Pearl Harbor, Plagues & Pandemics, Women’s Rights to Vote, and the American Revolution. Upper elementary children that like the “Who Was…?” series will love this fun and informative series about historical events.

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