Explore Free Research Resources with INSPIRE

Are you looking for ways to learn and grow? Find resources at your fingertips through INSPIRE. INSPIRE is a collection of online databases provided by the state of Indiana and is available free of charge to all Indiana residents. INSPIRE includes full-text magazines, journal articles, websites, pamphlets, images, almanacs, historic newspapers, multimedia, library catalogs, and much more. Some of the resources available are Consumer Reports, Academic Search Premier, Biography Reference, Explora, LitFinder, and TOPICsearch. 

This is a great source for homework and projects. It contains useful information for biographies, Indiana history, hobbies and crafts, home improvement, news and culture, consumer reports, genealogy, and more. It has the option to search by subject or search by exact database.

One unique feature of INSPIRE is the access it provides to Rosetta Stone, which allows users to learn a foreign language. Dozens of languages are available and all levels of Rosetta Stone are available until June 30, 2020.

Another especially helpful feature during this time is test preparation assistance. Individuals preparing to take the SAT or GRE can find helpful prep work for free through INSPIRE. INSPIRE also offers resume preparation tools. These are found under the “Test and Resume Preparation” tab on the INSPIRE homepage.

New Castle-Henry County Public Library director, Winnie Logan, hopes to see INSPIRE be utilized more often. She shared, “This is the hidden gem that we have in Indiana. It’s a really great resource that the Indiana legislature has provided for us. It’s in the state budget to provide all these resources to Hoosiers. I wish that more people would become familiar with it and be able to use it because there is so much information out there for people.”

For more information, visit https://inspire.in.gov/

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