Do Not Lick This Book*: *It’s Full of Germs

It is the time of year when people are getting sick. You try to explain to your children the importance of hand washing and covering their mouths to not “share” their germs. If your children are still not understanding germs, we have just the book for you. The book Do Not Lick This Book*: *It’s Full of Germs by Idan Ben-Barak  brings various microbes to life. The book starts by explaining that over 3 million microbes could fit on a dot the size of a period (give or take a few million!) The reader is then asked to take microbe Min on an adventure, both inside and outside of the book. Photographs of common every day items are enlarged (a lot) to reveal microbes. While taking Min on her adventure, the reader picks up other microbes along the way. Towards the end of the book the reader is encouraged to place all of the microbes back in the book. The last page of the book gives definitions of the various microbes that were picked up along the way. Hopefully this book can be a useful tool in teaching children just how tiny germs are and how easily they can be shared if one is not careful.

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