Digital Detox by Molly DeFrank

In her book, Digital Detox: The Two-Week Tech Reset For Kids, author Molly DeFrank guides parents through the process of detoxing their children from the power of screens in their lives. DeFrank walks you through the science behind screen addiction so that you can see why you may want to embark on this process. She then outlines how to begin and succeed in the two week (or longer) digital detox. There are numerous tips on how to help your family turn off all the tech and guides you in selecting the best uses for bringing it back post-detox.

While technology is ubiquitous – even for our youngest family members – it does not have to rule our lives. And, it turns out that youngsters can rediscover their imaginations when the option of screen distraction is not available. While the book focuses on the detox for kids, adults may want to participate in the detox too. Your brains will thank you.

While written from a faith-based perspective, readers of all backgrounds will find useful information here. This title is available through the Evergreen Indiana Consortium as well as on our digital platforms – Overdrive and Hoopla.

Reviewed by Winnie L.

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