COVID Books for Families

We have all been cooped up for over a month now. Your children may be asking why this is happening. How do you explain COVID-19 to children? Here are a few books available that might help explain what’s going on in this world to your children.

I, Lynn, did a quick search and found the book COVIBOOK. This book is intended for children under the age of 7. It is a simple way to explain the virus, to teach children how to keep themselves safe, how to stop the spread, and relieve some of your child’s anxiety. This 12 page book can be downloaded and filled out by your child.

The Indiana State Library sent out a link for another book that would be useful for older children. The book Coronavirus: A Book for Children has been made available in PDF form from children’s book publisher Candlewick Press. This book talks about the virus, why places are closed, emotions your child may be feeling, things we can do to help stop the spread, and what our future looks like. Candlewick Press has also provided activities, online resources, and boredom busters at their site.

While watching the morning news I saw a report about a local author from Brownsburg, Indiana. Jeff Graham has written the book Parenting Moments From Quarantine. This is a journal that will allow families to chronicle moments in their lives during quarantine. This keepsake book will allow families to someday look back at this time and share the memories that were made, both good and not so good times. Links to order his book can be found on his website. Mr Graham has also given people the option to download his book in PDF form at the site.

So, if you are looking for some books to pass the time, or you need help explaining these times to your children, check these books out. Here’s a short YouTube video that explains these times to little ones called Time to Come in Bear. Stay safe and well.

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